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To reduce the cost of individual capital to increase the posibility of purchase.

A syndicate is a group of people or businesses that work together as a team. They are associated with a common interest. This group of people are officially authorized to assume the duty of that common interest.

Our Innovations

Why Foxbat Syndicate!


Fixed costs such as hangarage, insurance and CAA registration yearly changes are split equally between each syndicate member $2,000/yr instead of $10,000 for one owner per year. 


The capital cost of the Aircraft split between five syndicate members is $20,000 instead of $ 100,000.


Easier to sell a share of the Aircraft compared to one owner and the whole Aircraft.


Usually, some shareholders will have expertise in some area; for example, one may be an engineer and get cheaper maintenance costs. One out of say five members may be available to position the Aircraft for maintenance.

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