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Welcome to the home of Foxbat New Zealand, exclusive Distributors for AEROPRAKT aircraft in New Zealand and the South Pacific. We specialise in the sale of the famous Aeroprakt Light Sport Aircraft, new and used, at competitive prices with instrumentation and equipment to suit specific preferences and requirements.

In addition, we also offer after sales service, parts, and maintenance from our location with service contracts as required.
The Aeroprakt Aircraft is a very effective aircraft even down to the stall with a power to weight ratio that is excellent. Visibility is outstanding and best of all Pilots can see vertically down due to convex doors.

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About Foxbat New Zealand

We are the industry leaders and produce the most reliable and trendy Aircraft. The Aeroprakt A-22 LS Foxbat is a Ukrainian two-seat, high-wing, tricycle landing gear ultralight aircraft that was designed by Yuriy Yakovlev and is manufactured by Aeroprakt.
Aeroprakt began design of the A-22 in February 1990, with the first prototype making its maiden flight on 21 October 1996, and a German-certified version entered production in 1999.

The Foxbat is a very short take-off and landing (VSTOL) aircraft and the propellor blade pitch angle is ground adjustable and can be set as required. The Foxbat also has amazing take-off and landing performance.

The A-22 LS uses a 3-axis control system, giving the pilot full control over the aircraft. The A-22 LS uses flaperons in place of ailerons and flaps, giving a stall speed of 27 knots or less with the flaperons fully down. A great range of speeds to fly for recreational purpose.

Powered by the well known, reliable, 4 stroke liquid cooled Rotax 912ULS carbureted 100hp engine, it is perfect for flying training, two-up touring and for the sport pilot who often flies with a friend.

Almost 1,500 Aeroprakt Aircraft have been manufactured and it is a great choice for recreational pilots.

Don’t just take our word for it, book in for a Demo Flight today and you’ll find out why the Foxbat is quickly becoming one of New Zealand’s most popular training aircraft! 

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2 Aeroprakt Choices


There is a huge amount of room in the cabin and the windscreen is massive and even the rear section of the fuselage is glazed.


The cabin is very light and airy. The fuselage is a ‘monocoque’ construction and needs no diagonal struts inside the windshield, so there is an unimpeded, panoramic view forward. The all moving tailplane, and wheel spats gives it a cruse speed of 120 Kts.

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