Quick Foxbat Facts

  • The Foxbat is the best ab-nito trainer to teach students to fly in
  • It has a Y shaped yoke with twin throttles
  • Robust Airframe
  • Steelbox for luggage with side door 30kg.
  • Great for glider towing
  • It also has a water cooled engine – no thermal cylinder shocks when power reduced to idle.
  • Efficient Fuel Burn Rate: Fuel burn rate to fuel tank capacity is great, reducing the cost of operating is significantly lower.
  • Long range tanks give it a duration of over 6 hours with reserves.

The Director


  Jim Lyver – Foxbat NZ
  +64 (0) 274 400 747

Client Testimonials


“I have owned a half share in the A-22LS Foxbat for the past 8 years and it has given me a lot of happy flying. The cockpit is roomy such that the pilot and co-pilot never have to rub shoulders and there is a generous luggage locker. Power is by the reliable Rotax 912 ULS which gives 100 knots at maximum cruise power. In my view, the Foxbat A-22LS is a very good, all round aircraft.”


“I am so thrilled with the new Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat you delivered to the SI for me. It is such a versatile aircraft to fly and has great cruise and STOL capabilities that are simply incredible. I think every farmer should have one!
I have no problem recommending Jim Lyver of Foxbat NZ to help someone into a great Foxbat aircraft deal.”


“What can I say? – I’m loving my Foxbat A22-LS! It’s taken me from Christchurch to Auckland, round the Marlborough Sounds and to a wide variety of back-country strips, beaches and paddocks in the Canterbury Plains. The aircraft is well-made, a joy to fly and represents good value for money compared to kitset options. Thanks Jim and the team!”

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