Aviation flight time recording

Flight time – part 1 definition- recorded from when the aircraft wheels first move for the intention of flight until they stop moving after landing/flight this must be recorded in the pilots log book and daily flight records, and obviously match up (this is one of the first things CAA employees check at an audit)Air …

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Fuel management

Light aircraft with left & right fuel tanks with on or off fuel selectors. Never turn your fuel selectors off (unless you have an emergency situation or are operating to the limits of the aircraft endurance). This is particularly true after start and taxing for the take off. Sample the fuel from the same source …

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Aircraft Wind Screens

Many aircraft have been produced with 2mm thick polycarbonate material windscreens. From my observed experience, fuel spills while decanting fuel over the wing, wind wipping up fuel to spill on the windscreen has been the cause of most if not all windscreen crazing/cracking. Its was a big problem in NZ. Jon Farmer did an analysis …

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